Virtual Airline Awards

Flightsim Aviation Zone Top 10 Virtual Airline
We are a Flightsim Aviation Zone Top 10 Virtual Airline !
Fly Away Europe VA Awards 2004

After a lot of thought, the judges gave the award to SN Virtual Airlines Group, who simulated SN Brussels Airlines, and the former Sabena Airways. Judges gave the award based on the following key factors:

- Site: layout & practicality

- How things are done: Flights, assessments, Pilot Reports

- Social things: a nice keen forum, competitions, real and online events

- Other: what the management is like & what condition the fleet is in!

FSBelgium Awards 2001
Awards related to our Virtual Airlines:


Best Belgian Painter 2001

Vital Vanbeginne


Best Belgian Aircraft 2001

IADG Avro RJ85 FS2000 by Vital Vanbeginne